Monday, November 30, 2015

Behind the Barcode

Sometimes I buy a real bargain at the shops and, while glowing in the knowledge that I've scooped a win, have a niggling feeling that maybe my win was someone else's pain.  Perhaps these awesome shoes were made by someone as young as my own children in conditions that are appalling. Behind the bright lights of a well-styled local store, what might I see if I could look all the way back to that garment's origin?

Well, here's a handy help in that: Baptist World Aid has produced 'Behind the Barcode'.  A quick click there and you can download (free) either or both of the Ethical Electronics Guide or the Ethical Fashion Guide. Both guides give you a report card on companies according to their approach to labour rights and an indication of whether they are paying their workers a 'living wage' (a wage large enough to actually live on).

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