Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The State of the Blog

Five reasons why blogs in general have faded:

1. The rise of the professional blog.  I don't mean the kind of blog a company might launch.  I mean the ubiquity of the mummy-blog-turned-marketing-machine. I like the crusty-ordinary-folk-without-an-SLR-and-sponsorship-deal kind of blog.  There used to be heaps.  Then blogs exploded - cue the entrance of people who like to make money by selling stuff - which led to blogs getting slicker and shinier and finally totally boring.  Bring back crustiness. I'm sick of someone writing a great blog and then getting a book deal and then never writing anything interesting ever again.

2. The demise of conversations (otherwise known as the rise of Twitter).  The fun thing about blogs was the comments, both for readers and bloggers. You were part of a conversation.  No one talks anymore. Comments are empty wastelands.  That's 'cause everyone's on Twitter. They are all talking over there.  Or Facebook. But not on your blog. They read. But they don't talk.

3. Time consuming. Facebook and Twitter are fast. And if you are trying to keep up with Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Instagram you are either going insane or have too much time on your hands.  Something's gotta give.

4. Blogs stop. Because lives change.  And when the blogs you enjoy aren't running anymore you tend to move on as well.  Sigh.

5. The fun is elsewhere.  It becomes a rolling tide - everyone's talking and sharing somewhere so you go there for your community fix and then you don't bother replicating everything in blogland and then...... it all slows down to a trickle.

I miss the time of the blog.  Those were happy days.


Meredith said...

I totally agree. Yes, yes and yes. I have always thought the decline in commenting a strange thing and it's hard to understand why it happened. Some downturn amongst the wider readership who read posts via a feed mechanism and never visit any blogs in situ accounts for some of it. But with actual bloggers - people who like writing and communicate via writing - it is hard to know why the commenting stopped. It's even quiet here on this post of yours. But thanks for persevering. I love reading what you have to say. Keep writing and I will try to keep commenting. :-)

Deb said...

Yeah, I miss the old days of comments. Mind you, people could also point out that the old days of *posting* are sadly lacking on my site too. Sigh. But it is good to hear from you, Meredith!