Saturday, July 11, 2015

The holiday

So, the holiday. Perfect. Beautiful. Relaxing. Warm.

This is was our first ever family holiday that wasn't visiting relatives. It was just lovely. We were so blessed from start to finish. The place we stayed was wonderful and there wasn't a thing to do other than enjoy it.

This was the view from our room.

Lots of water-sports every day.

Lots of pottering around and looking for hermit crabs.

 One of our sons fell deeply in love with the resort donkey named 'Lulu'.  I'm surprised we weren't charged an extra fee for the amount of carrots he fed her from the hotel kitchen.

Next door to the resort was a local village where we were warmly welcomed for church on Sunday morning.

 The windows of this church look out to the sea. It was built by hand between 2001 and 2005.  They lugged sand up from the beach with wheelbarrows and even the steel rafters that hold up the roof were lifted without the aid of machinery.  Every pew was made by hand.  We didn't understand much of the service - it was in Fijian - but we got the vibe of the proceedings.  Thank you to the lovely Mary, who shared her pew with us and lent us her hymnbook so we could sing along. When she held my hands at the end of the service and wished all of God's blessings on me and my family, I felt very welcomed and a little teary.  My daughter enjoyed watching the elder's dog during the sermon.  He follows his master everywhere and comes every week and sleeps in one of the side aisles.

And as for all the other things we enjoyed - the buffets, the kava cermony, the coral viewing, the swimming pool, doing nothing in the sunshine and so on - I won't give you a long recount except to say it was everything I had hoped for and was utterly relaxing.  It was really lovely to just have our family together for a while without knowing anyone else. With no other responsibilities, we could just enjoy each other and have fun.  We had purchased an all-inclusive deal which meant that all our meals and drinks were already worked out.  So for the whole time we were there nobody asked me, "What's for dinner?" or "Can I have a snack?"  That, my friends, was the real holiday!!!

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