Monday, June 8, 2015

On reflection

So I haven't sat down and thought any thoughts in bytes for ages.  But I've purposely sloooooowed way down this weekend and I feel kind of normal enough to be posting online.

Life is good.  Life has been busy.  But until the end of last week, it wasn't crazy busy.  Last week was too much.  I can have extra on my plate in terms of church stuff, or work stuff, or with family.  But should all three collide at once, it's too much.

Last weekend marked the end of one of the busiest months I've ever seen.  Church stuff saw my husband out multiple nights of the week for a couple of weeks (at least - it might have been many weeks but they've all blurred into one now).  Moving my parents into their new house and helping with the setting up kept us busy as well.  Work was super-intense for a few weeks with an application related to our registration.  And then last weekend we flew all five of us interstate for my father-in-law's wedding and to see Steve's 96-year old grandmother.  Lots of being good and waiting and saying polite things is tiring when you are in primary school.  That was the end of the busy.  But come the middle of last week, the kids were drained and I was drained and everything in the universe made me feel cranky.  When I'm Cross All The Time, I know I've overdone it.

So this weekend, I've taken the time to be slow.  And I'm feeling less cross and less like the world is spinning too fast.

Too. Too. Too.  That was the key word for the last month.  Too everything.  But, hey, a lot was done and life gets like that sometimes and now things are settled again.

So, what's happening with the blog?  Well, I still have the dilemma of whether I can continue to post online publicly and whether it will all come back to bite me one day.  Haven't resolved that.  But what I have learnt by not posting much in the last three months is that I miss the habit of reflection.  And I miss reflection that is written down and that has to be produced in a form that is edifying to others. 

Reflection makes me order my thoughts.  That helps me process stuff.  Reflection that is going to be read by others takes it up another notch - it makes me process and edit.  Processing and then editing your thoughts has significant mental health benefits or so I've found at least.

So, I shall be giving myself permission to 'waste' a bit more time on the blog again.
Snapshot from the wedding! :)


Alistair Bain said...

Nice one.

I'm glad you're going to stick around.

Meredith said...

Hello dear one.
One solution, if being public online is an issue, and you have mentioned it before, is to make your blog private. Then the only people that get to read it are people you have invited or who have requested access to it. You can still have a large readership but you can control who reads your stuff. That means that you probably won't get talent scouted by some big New York publishing company because they won't be able to see your stuff, but it does mean that your students won't be talent scouting you either. That might be a way forward. Just a suggestion. Either way, as Alistair said, great to see you posting again. More than I can say for myself at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So much has happened! Lots of love xx J

Deb said...

@ J: I know! It's all action around this neck of the woods. Hope you and tribe are doing well. XOXO

@ Meredith: A private blog is still an option. I'm tossing it around. But I rarely read blogs I have to log into so I figure I'd end up all on my lonesome if I did do that. And then I'd miss you all!

@ Thanks, Alistair, for the encouragement. :)