Sunday, March 22, 2015

I'm still here, really

Some of you who have been reading various blogs for a few years or more will be getting that feeling.  There's a point where the blog posts become so infrequent that you start to wonder how much longer this blogger will go on.  Well, I wish I could say for sure that I'll be around forever but I have to admit it's getting really hard to get time at my desk to reflect and type out my thoughts.  I'm doing my reflecting in snatched moments like the little space of time between when you put the toothpaste on the brush but before you make contact with your teeth.

But maybe we'll level off soon and I'll get back to things.  Maybe.  So hang in with me a little longer.

Anyway, work is going well. It's solid but not overwhelming.  We are all still wearing clean clothes and eating dinner so things are okay at home.  The kids are actually having a great start to the year school-wise and home-wise so that's a relief.

We just got back today from our church camp. It was fun but my awesome husband was the camp coordinator, so it was busy and now we both feel like the-day-after-a-youth-group-sleepover. Kind of fury around the eyeballs. Still, you can't beat being stuck together over a whole weekend for getting to know people and bonding.

Someone asked me this weekend if teaching was a stressful occupation.

Well.  You know from the question that they don't have a teacher in their family, I guess.

I answered fairly honestly when I said that some times it was energizing and sometimes it was exhausting and very stressful.  I can't imagine now not being a teacher. When I had been on maternity leave for about 6 years, and I was walking back into my school to start back on a tiny part-time allocation of 20 days a year, I remember feeling a wave of excitement and thankfulness coming over me. I love that place so dearly.  It's the people, I guess.  It's the opportunity to do good.  It's the joy of seeing lights come on when someone makes a discovery about learning or life.  It's the wounds and the sorrows of not being about to help make a difference in some cases.  It's kingdom work and it is the joy of working at something that lasts.

So, yeah, it's a busy year. And, yes, it has already been stressful.  But, oh, I love it!

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