Saturday, March 28, 2015

And in Cat News...

Bringing you the latest in important cat-related news from around the globe...

First up, we have the answer for those of you have always thought to yourself, "I really wish my cat could have their own Instagram account which would upload automatically so our kitty could share her wonderful life more easily".


Someone thought that?


But, moving on.

Any-hoo, here it is:

Never mind the cats.  There are so many possibilities with that one.

In other news, the ABC has announced that scientists have discovered that putting 'scrunchies' on your cat can prevent them catching wildlife. You will remember the scrunchie from the 80s - that celebration of bright fabric and elastic that graced the many high ponytails of a generation.

The great news is that a 2-year study has shown that placing a scrunchie on a cat like a collar cut the number of native wildlife killed by that cat by more than half.  Seems the bright colours tip off the birds better than a bell which the cat can learn to silence.

Wait.  Did they just say a 2-year study?  Somebody was putting a scrunchie on a cat for 2 years?  No wonder the cat is making this face.

 Scrunchies prevent wildlife deaths

Oh the humiliation.  You'd just be too ashamed to leave the house to hunt.

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Alison said...

I love cat news! What else is the internet for???