Sunday, February 15, 2015

On not falling off the face of the earth

Yes, I am still around.  It's just been a HUGE two weeks.  Anyway, the dust has settled enough for me to say hello.

New job at work is eating into my online life.  This is probably a good thing. But I do miss blogging. I write blog posts occasionally while brushing my teeth. Or dashing around the kitchen. I just don't get to type them out.

And the other issue is that most of the interesting things that happen I dare not commit to the internet which is, after all, a rather public medium. 

Indeed, this blog may one day have to be abandoned. I am still working out what to do about it.  Having a blog that is discoverable with no privacy controls is a possible problem. But I can't see myself having an enthusiasm for writing a blog that is password protected.  Who'd bother? For the time being, I'm watching my words and seeing how things go.

I did have a bit of a digital problem at the end of last year when another site that I'd posted on (long story) changed my online name to my full real-life name.  Which meant any student that googled me could find those articles and through those articles find this blog.  Took me about 4 months to figure out a fix (the good folk in charge of the other site were very helpful).

Then there was the issue of the blurb I'd written about myself that had been used for that site.  There was nothing wrong with it except that Google decided to abbreviate it and put "..." in the wrong place.  It was supposed to read, "Deb is sometimes a school teacher and at other times can be found drinking too much tea and blogging at This Fleeting Moment".  No problems there.  Except that if you googled my name you got this: "Deb is sometimes a school teacher and at other times can be found drinking too much...

Oh dear.  Sigh. 

Thankfully, when I went to our principal to proactively explain the problem just in case the information came to him some other way, he thought it was hilarious.  I've since cleared my name, as it were, and can be googled without the insinuation that I have a drinking problem.

So there we have it.  The perils of online life.  Anyway, now that things are settling a bit, I hope to say a more frequent cheerio than I have been.


Karen said...

Hello, glad you're still around and that all is well. Oh, and also glad you don't have a drinking problem ;)
So many perils of online life....this is one of the reasons my ultra cautious husband refuses to join Facebook, he is worried about work colleagues who might see him commenting on stuff!

Alison said...

I'm having similar blogging thoughts too...