Sunday, February 15, 2015

On Guard - a review

On Guard
I've just finished reading On Guard: Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse at Church by Deepak Reju.  While much of it was what I had heard before through professional development, it was still worth the read to place child protection issues firmly within the unique context of a church organisation.

We are fools - worse than that actually, because to ignore the truth is reprehensible - if we think it could never happen in our church.  We cannot rely on the idea that we'd know if someone was a danger.  You never do.

If you work in a church, volunteer for a church or go to a church regularly, this should be on your reading list. I'll certainly be pressing my copy into the hands of all our church leaders.


Joan Milne said...

Have you ensured the PCV Safe Church people are aware of this book?
You are right, 'it can't happen here' is wrong-headed as is 'sexual abuse does not happen in Christian homes' as a minister once said to me.
Where did you buy it?
Joan xo

Deb said...

@ Joan Milne: I got mine from here: but I think Koorong and Amazon and all the rest carry it. It was only published in October 2014 so it's not well-know yet. Endorsements by Carl Trueman and Ed Welch amongst others. It would be great if it had a very wide audience in the PCV.