Saturday, January 24, 2015

The chillies are not optional

I was running a pile of errands yesterday morning and lunchtime snuck up on me. Feeling ravenous and about to succumb to the smell of the nearest fast-food multinational, I spied a Vietnamese bakery with pork rolls.  Deciding that would at least up my vegetable intake, I ducked in and faced an old Vietnamese lady waiting patiently to take my order.

"I'll have a BBQ pork roll, please, but no chillies."  The chillies were sliced and still bore the seeds so I thought it might be a bit much for me.
"You want everything but no chillies?" she asked a little surprised.
"Yes, please."

And, while I watched, she put together a mouth-watering roll.  Just before the end, she added several small slices of chilli.  Her eyes swept up to my face and she said, ever so sweetly, "Now. I only put two."

I laughed,  "No worries." 

Because apparently the chillies are not optional when she makes her rolls. She was right. What would I know?

I am already dreaming of another one of those rolls.

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