Thursday, December 18, 2014

Great inventions yet to happen

This list is awesome: solar powered a/c that cools your car when it's parked in the sun, the ability to un-press a wrongly pressed elevator button by holding it extra-long, a transparent hole-punch so you can see where the hole will go and more.

And here's the some inventions not on that list that I personally want:

* a vacuum cleaner that can automatically detect and reject lego pieces
* a version of the "kreepy-krawly" pool cleaner that would go around the shower recess and clean the tiles
* a handbag where a light comes on inside when you open it - just like the fridge!
* a Roomba-iron: just dump it in your ironing pile and it sorts it all out
* a formal report-writing program where you could tell it what you really think "lazy as all get-out" and it would translate it into edu-speak "has difficulty sustaining motivation when undertaking complex tasks".

Do you have any inventions you'd love to see?

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