Saturday, December 20, 2014

Adventures on ebay


So, did you know that Fatfingers is a website dedicated to spelling mistakes on ebay?  Here's the thing: if an item is misspelt, it is harder to find and therefore doesn't get as many bids.  Possible bargain therefore.  Don't tell me I only ever serve you up luke-warm youtube clips! This is gold, my friends, gold.


I thought that was a terribly clever concept and gave it a whirl. In the process I found this:

Which brings me to the obvious question: what on earth is a IKA color squid magnetic plate stirrer???  And the less obvious question: can you guess which word I typed in to check for a misspelling?  Shouldn't be too hard to guess....

And how about this:
Love these.  Especially the 'Tis but a flesh wound'.


Joan Milne said...

Not for cooking squid, I take it.

Deb said...

@ Joan: no. But I'm totally baffled.

Joan Milne said...

You are baffled because you are not a Science nerd. Possibly a nerd, though (not trying to insult you, here!), just not a Science one.