Friday, November 28, 2014

Ending the week on a high note

It's hard to quantify the amount of ground our family has covered over the last few weeks.  So much happening.  But tonight I've got a moment to sit back and take a deep breath.

I am settling into the new office (it's not oval in shape which is a shame...however it is on the west wing on the building so.....). I had to make my first actual decision today. Hope I didn't mess it up.

The kids have had their end of year school performance nights and the eldest survived their piano exam despite being as cranky as a cat being stuffed into a pillowcase on the way there.

The stand-out moment of the week was picking up the keys to my parents' house this afternoon. It was a very sweet joy to ring my parents with the news that everything had gone through and they were now really and truly the owners of a house of their own for the first time ever.

Yep. Big week.  But lots of things for which to be very thankful.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow! A big week indeed! My parents are loving being first time house owners :)
And you're in the office already... so much ahead for you!! xxx