Saturday, November 22, 2014


This article in the SMH, tells of a shocking discovery made during a house inspection.  Two potential buyers and a real estate agent were looking at a empty house in Milwaukee, USA.  The house was empty having been put on the market due to foreclosure a couple of years ago.  Upon randomly opening one of the cupboard doors, they found the body of a deceased male in his 50s.  He'd died alone in a cupboard, lying under a blanket, having broken into the abandoned house trying to find a warm place to sleep away from the freezing night air.

So very sad.

But it wasn't that sad fact that gripped me as much as something mentioned later in the article.

Apparently, this gentleman had been without a fixed address for many years and had been suffering from schizophrenia for most of his life. His brother had been looking for him and trying to track him down. He had been treated for his schizophrenia on and off but he often stopped taking his medication.  When asked about that he told a psychologist, "I'm so lonely, and sometimes the voices make me feel not as alone."

And that, my friends, is beyond words.  To feel so alone.

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