Saturday, October 11, 2014

The last week

Ugh.  We have had a nasty virus going through the family one-by-one over the last week.  It started with one child last Saturday.  Every two days or so, someone else in the family would come down with it despite our frantic cleaning and germ-prevention-techniques.  On Thursday, it culminated in my husband aborting his commute to work in preference to coming home and taking to his sick bed, followed by my surrender in the late afternoon.  We kept everyone - even the now seemingly-well children - home the next day in the hope of quarantining ourselves for the greater good of the community.  I'll spare you the nasty details, but it was a truly revolting bug.

Today, we are on the mend.  The children are bright and bouncy.  My husband is okay.  I am still feeling tired but improving.  I am thankful for so many things - good healthcare, jobs that allow for leave, a nice bed to feel sorry for myself in and that everyone is well again.  But I haven't felt that ill in a long time - since I was last in hospital, I think.  So it was a humbling reminder of how fragile we can be so easily and what a blessing it is when we are well.  While I was awake in the middle of the night, I was praying for those I know who at the moment feel ill all the time.  May God grant them grace, endurance and a speedy recovery.

I did have a bit of fun when I went to the GP for my medical certificate.  My appointment was with one of the new (very young - I must be getting old) doctors that I hadn't seen before.  Whoever had entered my occupation on the practice's database had been rather specific.  When he checked my file he looked up and said, "Oh, a Year 12 Philosophy teacher!"  What followed was a rather amusing conversation that leapt through philosophy, altruism, youtube, Crash Course History, John Green, The Fault in Our Stars and Grey's Anatomy. He's not an introvert, this new GP.


Alison said...

I'm guessing you all had norovirus. So contagious. Only bleach kills it but even then its rare for anyone to escape it's clutches. Horrid little bug - you have my sympathies!!!

Deb said...

@ Alison: yes, that does seem to fit with what we had. I hope that by all staying home and away from people for 48 hours or so, we've reduced the spread. Ugh. It's nasty.