Sunday, October 5, 2014

Okay. I can live with it.

So, it's not solved.  However, even though the embedded video didn't show in my last post, at least the link to the video worked if I clicked through.  So that's what I'll have to do for now: embed my video and then also link directly to youtube so that rss viewers can at least click through to the video.

Surely, surely there is a fix out there somewhere for this.  It's hard to believe Google has failed me in this regard.  In the meantime, I'll have to be content with the link method.  To help me cope, I'm going to listen to rainforest sounds.... for 11 hours.

Okay.  11 seconds is enough, if truth be told.  I tried searching for truly relaxing sounds - "sounds of students working hard on research assignment", "sounds of children cleaning up after they have made a mess" or "sound of bin being emptied before it became over-full due to procrastination" - but youtube didn't seem to have those.  Strange.

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Petrina said...

I usually just click on your post title & watch the video from your blog. I actually do this even blogs do have the video embedded, so I can keep reading and play the video when I'm ready. So don't despair :)