Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It's times like this


Sorry about the radio silence.

Life has been a bit full-on.  About three different stressful events, plus a couple of awesomely happy ones like a friend's wedding, have all dovetailed into one another and there has been much juggling of life's responsibilities and much burning of the candle at both ends.  Can't tell you about most of it because there is much that is not my story to tell.

However, I can tell you that on the weekend, one of my children was bitten on the face by a dog and needed to go to hospital.  No, not our dog.  Yes, we have warned our children many times to be careful about dogs and not to put their face too near a dog in case it feels threatened.  It just happened that they did and the dog bit.  We are sad and we are thankful that they are going to be okay and that it wasn't worse.

And it wasn't that bad.  And it was awful.

Even when you know things will be okay, seeing your child hurt is like a sudden downpour of emotion. As it worked out, my husband was the best person to drive our child to hospital and then to stay with them.  I had the other children to look after and supervise until they came home.  But then it was decided that the bite needed an overnight stay and a proper clean-out under a general anaesthetic.  My valiant husband stayed bedside all night.  But I was far away and it was terrible to not be there.

Everything is healing and improving steadily. The hospital visit was declared quite okay (mainly because white bread, butter and cordial were allowed in abundance, unlike home).  Much love and fussing and phone calls have helped.  The marks will be slight and the scar unlikely to be prominent. 

But it's been a big event for both the little one and the parents.  Now that it is all over, we all feel rather spent.

So that's the news around here, or at least part of it.  For those of you who already knew and were praying for us, thank you.  We appreciated it.


CardsAsGifts said...

I am relieved to know that your child will be ok physically. I pray that the emotional and mental toll for all of you, your child included, might not be longlasting. I also pray that it might not set off a fear of dogs and other animals in the future. It has been rough patch for all of you. Hope it is smooth sailing from here.

Deb said...

@CardsAsGifts - Thanks. We are getting along okay.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need a very quiet couple of weeks xxx J

Deb said...

@J: I'm thinking of locking all the doors and pretending we've left the country..... just for a few days. ;)

Alison said...

Oh no that's awful!

Anonymous said...

I think that sounds wise! J