Saturday, October 11, 2014

Drawdle - an app review

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Drawdle is a fun app that creates a series of simple challenges based on physics.  Don't let the word physics put you off - it's very entertaining.

The basic script is that you draw a shape and flick it towards a balloon filled with paint.  The idea balloon should then bang into, and burst on, a picture that is then filled with colour.  As you go through the levels, you are faced with obstacles that require some creative problem solving in order to keep pushing the balloon on to the target.

My 6-year old loves it but it is even amusing for an adult.  So if you are looking for a game you are happy for the kids to fiddle around with that also involves problem-solving and creative thinking, this just might be the ticket.

Available for both iOS and android, it's currently free with the option to buy the full game for around $1.29.

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