Friday, October 3, 2014

And here we are

So the last few weeks have zoomed past.  Here we are.  I have no energy for deep and meaningfuls so here's a summary of life in our house.

1. We bought the house for my parents that we were looking at.  The building inspection came back positive and we were good to go.  Now there's just messy paperwork and settlement stuff to do.

2. I went into these school holidays without a clear plan.  I didn't have anything lined up.  I knew we had my father-in-law visiting at some point so I left everything rather fluid.  It's been okay but I think we all would have benefitted from a bit more structure.  Next time.

3. I'm in a short-term Bible study on Saturday mornings with some new ladies at church.  We are using the "Just For Starters" study.  It's been really encouraging to go over the basics of our faith again and it's fun to be in such a diverse group.  There are four of us, all with a different first language, three different childhood religious backgrounds, and we use a mix of Bibles in several languages.

4. I still haven't started my marking for work.  Busy days and tired nights haven't been conducive to getting on with it.  I'm going to have to face it on the weekend.  Blah.

5. I'm teaching four weeks on medieval Japanese history when I get back.  I'm trying to read up on it...but (oh the shame) I find remembering the names really, really hard.  They just seem to flow through my brain like water and out the other side.  And not in a Zen kind of way.  In a not-sticking-in-there-who-was-that-guy-again kind of way.  Aghgh.

6. We had a really encouraging letter this week from our sponsored child in Thailand.  This particular family often like to write a separate note in addition to the child's own letter and it's been really great to feel we are getting to know them as parents too.

7. One thing we did get done this holidays was reading aloud the second book in the Ashtown burials series.  "The Drowned Vault" is great but I think older primary and young adult would be the best audience.  There are some pretty tense and scary moments which younger readers would be best to avoid.  That said, our six-year old was listening in and was okay with it.  Wouldn't have read it to him on his own though.  It was also pretty complicated because new characters were being introduced at a rate of knots and he had trouble keeping track of who was who after a while.  We are going through the three books that are out so far at a rate of one per school holidays.  Lots of guns but a great read.

Well, that's all I have to say about that.  Once we are out of school holidays and back to routine my brain might come back into gear and I might have something reasonable to say.  Cheerio!

Random bear from a stock photo site because post must have a photo to be appealing etc, etc.  Sigh.

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Meredith said...

It's a great photo. And a busy life. And a good life by the sounds. Hooray for the house. And the Bible study. Hoping the Japanese names stick when needed.