Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So much is happening

Life is going at full throttle around out place at the moment.  Here's some of the stuff:

1. Someone from Denmark hacked into my Skype account and sent just over 1000 SMS in the last month before I figured it out.  Thankfully, I've nearly untangled that and am hoping to get my account unfrozen soon.

2. Honey, the dog, turns out to be doing the work of a dog and a cat.  She caught a mouse on the weekend.  Talk about a value for money pet!

3. I am housing hunting for my parents who are promising to finally retire next year.  This has involved a lot of *interesting* paperwork and lots of Saturday open-for-inspections.  But I think we might be on to something after last weekend.

4. My copies of the New Philosopher magazine arrived today.  So exciting.  Now I just need a few quiet moment to enjoy them, slowly of course, because they need lots of serious reflection.  Thanks, Alistair, for the recommendation.  I bought a couple of back copies too.

5. Speaking of Philosophy, I've got the numbers for a class next year.  So come November, I shall leave the Legal Studies department (all two of us) and become the Philosophy department once more (just me - although I don't know for sure yet whether I can truly prove I exist at all).  Hooray!  But I will miss Legal.  I had grown very fond of defences for murder and the details of consumer law.

Oh, and all the other things.... not all of which I can share online.  But suffice to say it's been busy-busy but in a good way.

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