Saturday, September 6, 2014

Can I be angry for a minute?

I live in one of the most prosperous nations in the world.

Some people have come here looking for a better life. They claimed they were fleeing an impossible situation and needed refuge. We decided the best thing to do was not to assess their claims straightaway. Instead, at a ridiculously huge the cost to the tax payers, we locked them up and told them they must wait indefinitely until we were ready to process their claims. By locking them up, we took responsibility for their food, housing, accommodation and medical care. Because if you are locked up, you are at the mercy of those who hold the keys.

And then, one of those persons cut their foot. And about two weeks later, his family made the decision to turn off his life support system after the infected cut progressed to septicaemia.

He cut his foot and then he died.

Something is very wrong with the way we are going about this, folks.

Look, perhaps you didn't come looking for yet another rant on this topic from me.  But please understand this issue has become intensely personal for me in the last year.  I am frustrated by the very little I can do to have my voice heard in this matter.  If only people knew what it was like to be one of these very vulnerable asylum seekers right now.

Even the defence force chief responsible for border protection under John Howard has slammed the current system.  Admiral Chris Barrie said the current policies are a "mess that reflects badly on all of us".  I am so disappointed in Australia right now.

Where is mercy?


Fiona said...

Hear hear. Please, keep on being angry.

Anonymous said...

It is right to be angry here. I feel so helpless. J