Friday, August 22, 2014

Ouch! Poor Honey!

My husband and my youngest took Honey for a walk this afternoon and she was attacked by a husky.  Both dogs were on leads at the time but the other owner was busy talking on a mobile phone and didn't control her dog.  Honey received a bite to the face.  It was a horrible thing for my youngest to see.  She's been to the vet and is on antibiotics to prevent infection.  She's not doing badly (she managed to eat tea okay) but I feel awful for her.


CardsAsGifts said...

I hope your kids are ok too

Deb said...

@CardsAsGifts: Thanks. They went to bed okay. It helps that Honey seems pretty okay. She's got a nasty mark on her face but other than that she's perky so the kids weren't too worried about her once the vet had taken a look at her.

CardsAsGifts said...

That's good. Hope you all have an uneventful weekend :-)