Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weighed down with mistakes

Mistakes have been plaguing me lately. Old, old mistakes that keep whispering to me at night. And new mistakes that I seem to make through a combination of pride, foolishness, stubbornness, selfishness and just by stupid accident. The continuing efforts I make to plaster over all these mistakes seem to make it worse..... of course.

Today I am trying to remind myself of this:

The gospel is good news, not good advice. (Tim Keller)
The news that Jesus has come isn't for people who want to perfect their life. It's not for people who would like 10 steps to the perfect marriage. It's not to make you a better you. It's not so I can shine oh-so-bright. It's not so I can look good.

It's because I don't. I don't make any of those hurdles. And yet the good news is that there is a spectacular, forgiving, life-giving love that has come.

It's my pride that tells me that I only need Jesus a little bit. It's my failures that remind me I need him utterly.
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Sarah said...

I am keeping that quote.

Deb said...

@Sarah: :)