Thursday, June 19, 2014


Well, it's been a long time since I posted anything that wasn't a youtube clip.  Last week I was marking exams, writing reports, battling an epic cold and holding the reins of the household while my hubby was in Thailand.  Now I am on the mend but trying to catch up on the washing and house cleaning that fell by the wayside while I was busy keeping Kleenex in business.

Meanwhile, my Year 11s have moved on from criminal law to civil law.  Sadly, this has had some negative effects on their alertness levels.  In short, I've averaged at least one kid per class falling asleep at some point.  The other day I hit a new low of two asleep at the same time.  That wasn't all my fault; I wasn't even talking at the time. Instead they were sleeping through the exciting video on tort law that I'd lined up for them.  When it was all murder, rape and kidnapping I had their attention.  But now I'm struggling to keep the same vibe going with defamation and possible defences to a claim of negligence.  Sigh.

Anybody know any killer youtube comedy clips on pre-trial procedures for civil cases?  No?

Well, at least we've only got another few weeks until consumer law.  The Checkout has me covered for that one. 

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