Monday, June 2, 2014

Why we couldn't hang around for the church lunch yesterday

Very late on Saturday night, my husband was checking that the laundry door was locked when he heard the sound of a pipe running inside our wall.  He obviously has super-sonic hearing because when I was called to listen to it, I had to press my ear against the door frame to pick it up.  But, yep, there was a pipe leaking water inside our wall.

So with the mains shut off we went to bed.  But of course, you can't have a house without water for too long so after church we raced home to do this.

That's the inside of my laundry cupboard.  I'm so grateful that the leak was found before any significant damage occurred.  Who hears stuff like a pipe running instead a cupboard? He must have ears like sonar!

One person in our house was not at all unhappy about the situation.

Being able to help your dad fix stuff is awesome.  I am actually glad that one of the kids now knows how to turn off the water mains.  I can imagine that coming in handy one day...

Thankfully, The Man of the House fixed the pipe before the end of the afternoon (there was a blow torch involved but all my linen survived) and we have water, wonderful water, on tap again.

In other news, our Korean friend told us on Saturday night that when he first came to Australia he thought my husband was the spitting image of Matt Damon.  So here is the guy who wishes he looked like my husband and was able to hear through walls:

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Anonymous said...

That's ridiculously handy - blow torch and all! J