Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why I don't Facebook

Now, before we all go getting into our Facebook corners, can I just say that I don't have a problem with anyone enjoying Facebook.  Not one little bit.  Facebook away if that's your thing! I write this not as a criticism of that great modern icon of sharing and caring, but as an apology for my failure to embrace it.  To all those who question my sanity for failing to join up, and to those long suffering friends who must contact me by other means every time they need to say something that could have much easily be shared on Facebook, I hereby set out my reasons for avoiding Facebook.  It's not you, it's me.

1. I spend too much time online already.  I have blog-reading self-control issues.  Goodness knows what would happen to me if I had the whole of Facebook to wander through as well.

2. I couldn't keep up a blog, Facebook, Twitter, email and texting.  Truly, I cannot manage all that communication.  I've prioritized and you're all stuck with the blog, email and the occasional text if you are happy to wait three days for me to remember to check my phone.

3. It's the drama of who to accept and reject and settings and privacy and friends that you don't really know anymore who are still friends and .....too hard basket.

4. My job.  We are warned not to have students as friends or even recently graduated students as friends. Do you know what's even easier? Not being on Facebook in the first place.

5. I'm hot-headed with a big mouth. I could jump into controversy with both feet and a chip on my shoulder.  I can do this with a blog too, but the slower pace of writing, editing and posting reduces the frequency of my foot-in-mouth moments.  It's not that Facebook requires me to behave like that - I'm just saying I am particularly prone in this area and so I'm trying to take some evasive action.

6. It's one less thing.  Maybe it's inevitable and one day I'll get on board. Or maybe the next big thing will come along before I ever get around to it.  But for now, I live well without it.  One less thing on my list of stuff.

Mind you, when my dad told us in the early 90s that he was thinking we should get the internet connected to our house, I totally thought he was crazy.  "What on earth will you ever really use it for, Dad?"  So my record on judging technology is not great.  Feel free to rubbish my reasoning all you want.  I'm a bit of a Luddite really.


Tasmanian said...

Well said.

Meredith said...

I've been meaning to say HOORAY FOR YOU ever since you posted this. I am conscious that I mention Facebook quite often in my posts these days - and I always hope that you don't think I am sending you subliminal messages to get yourself a Facebook account. I applaud your decision. Good for you for showing such great strength.

Sarah said...

I admire people who DON'T have Facebook, so well done, you. :) A good friend of mine closed down her Facebook account nearly two years ago because she found it distracted her from her studies, and she was reading so many ridiculous things on her newsfeed that she was seething with anger. I totally get #5...I've often had to repeat my motto....breathe, scroll on by.

A true friendship will not need Facebook to survive.