Friday, May 2, 2014

Dig a dahlia

Here's a sweet little tale on generosity. I think reflecting on how others are generous helps me think more creatively about how I can be generous too.  Anyway, on with the story.

My good friend, Dora lives out in the middle of whoop-whoop on a farm with her family in a very soggy bit of Victoria.  Recently, they bought out the place next door when their neighbours retired.  Her next-door neighbour was a fan of dahlias.  He had planted 8000 of them.  Dora didn't really need 8000 dahlia bushes but she also felt it would be such a waste to graze the cows on them or plough them over.

She rang every horticultural society she could think of to see if anyone would like to come and get them.  Even the Dahlia Society of Victoria didn't want to come and get them.  Maybe only the cows were left to love them.  Then Dora struck on a brilliant idea.

She decided to host a "Dig a Dahlia" day.  She advertised far and wide and invited the whole world to bring their shovels and dig up her dahlia bushes for $2 each with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Foundation.  She planned it from 10 till 4 and the first people arrived at a quarter to 9 and the last people arrived at 8 pm.  They raised over $4000.

Before the big day, Dora phoned her old neighbour.  She didn't want him to hear second-hand from the newspaper that she was digging up all his treasured dahlias.  Explaining her plan, she asked if he'd like to come on the day and give people some advice about caring for the plants.  He was thrilled. Dora told me he looked 10 years younger as he went about on the day chatting with fellow dahlia lovers and sharing his secrets.

Isn't that lovely?  Here's one of the local papers write-up and some photos of my beautiful friend with all those gorgeous dahlias.


CardsAsGifts said...

What a brilliant inspired idea that show enormous respect for the previous owners and allowed his dahlias to live on in other peoples lives rather than be destroyed. Just gorgeous!

Deb said...

@ CardsAsGifts: Yeah, Dora's pretty special.

Joan Milne said...

I love you, Dora, and I had not heard of you until today!