Saturday, March 22, 2014

Imperfect friends

I had someone tell me this week, “You are a good friend.” 


I could argue that point.

I am of course actually a frequently forgetful, self-centred friend. I regularly find myself so engrossed in a conversation with a visitor that I make a cup of tea in front of them and begin to drink it and forget to ask them if they’d like one! Truly! That’s happened three times this year already. I often let people down. I often prefer my needs above others. Sometimes, I confess to my shame, I am even glad to see others fail because it makes me look good. There’s lots of ways I am not a good friend, although some days I manage to do okay.

Imperfect creatures that we are, we will not get it right all the time. However, I can think back on many times in my life when I’ve been wounded or burdened and a friend has come alongside and been that encouraging voice that lifted my head and helped me to press on just that little bit further to the other side of whatever stretch of trial I was going through. So thankful for those people. So grateful for those words, those actions, those prayers. What a blessing they were to me!

In reflecting on this meeting of needs by imperfect friends, my heart turned to this thought: how much more so Jesus. If my friends are with me in a trial, how much more so is Jesus? When I am grateful that others have not forgotten my sorrow, how much more so has Jesus kept me close to his heart? When others have prayed when I no longer knew how, how much more so has Jesus spoken on my behalf (Romans 8:34)? When others have meet needs and brought food and carried burdens, how much more has Jesus promised to carry those loads I just can’t bear (Matthew 11:27-29)?

So, thank you, dear friend, who spoke those kind words. They were an encouragement to me. And let me offer some encouragement in return: if I have been a friend, how much more so Jesus! Praying for you and your not-very-well little fellow. Love, Deb.


Jean said...

Just posted your 2nd to last paragraph - "If my friend was with me ..." - on Facebook, and printed it out to stick in my journal. Thank you.

(Are you on Facebook BTW? Can't see you there.)

Deb said...

@ Jean - hey, mate! So good to hear from you. No, I'm not on Facebook. I have always suspected I'd struggle not to be a complete and utter Facebook junky if I ever started so I've just kept my distance. Plus, it has complications you have to deal with when you teach high school. Easier not to. :)

Karen said...

Thanks for this post Deb, so encouraging as usual.
(P.S. Sad you're not on Facebook, I'd been wondering the same as Jean, but I agree it is too easy to become a FB junky!)

Anonymous said...

You are a good friend xxxx J

Deb said...

@ Karen - Thanks, Karen. :)

@ J - right back at ya!

Sarah said...

Great post, Deb.