Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Googling: totally a verb.  It's my go-to habit for all things medical (don't judge me), historical and locational.  If I can't Google it, it's not worth knowing.  But there's good Googling and bad Googling.  And there are lots of clever tricks for improving your Googling.  This infographic is awesome and will improve your Googling success rate by at least 73% (totally made-up random number).

But on a serious note, I learnt how to specify a type of file (like pdf) and how to specify time frames etc.  Very useful tips.

From Hackcollege.com


Caroline said...

My father-in-law's variation on this is "to Google up" something. I don' t know if anyone else has this usage, I'd be interested to know if they did.

Deb said...

@ Caroline: I heard a local radio bloke use the term "unGooglable" the other day. If something is unbelievable, amazing or astounding it may be termed "unGooglable". For example: Did you know Bob is about to become the president?" "No way! That's unGooglable!!!"