Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Onions make you cry when you chop them.  For that reason, my daughter won't eat them in anything at all (even cooked) in case they make her cry.  I can't get beyond that logic with her at this stage.

But what I really wanted to say was that, thanks to Gary posting the video below on his blog a while back, I've found a solution to the whole onion-crying thing.

It's chewing gum.

Yes, chewing gum while you chop prevents the pain and the crying (unless you chop your finger, of course, or you are just having a really bad day - it only works on the onion part of the sadness).  I have been holding off on telling you while I road-tested it myself.  After a number of onions chopped over the last couple of weeks, and then one big one grated yesterday evening, I can now say for sure that a packet of gum should be on your next shopping list for onion-crying prevention.

I know.  That's a pretty big life hack!  Here's the rest.  And thanks, Gary!


Meredith said...

Well, this is all very interesting. I wonder if chewing gum would provide relief for hay fever? Not that I really want to be chewing gum for three months of the year. Certainly going to give it a go for the onions - especially for dish I cook quite frequently for kids church that requires three or four diced onions. Yay.

Karen said...

Hmm. Interesting. I wonder whether someone has developed a theory on why that works??

Meredith said...

I should explain my hayfever comment. A long time ago I was at a country fair and there was someone selling honey and bees wax products. At the time I was dying from hay fever and the honey man said chewing on bees wax would give relief. I didn't follow that one up but assumed that the chewing action was the key ingredient rather than the bees wax, that the constant movement must do something to the sinuses, which is what I imagine is happening here.

But here's a "useful" site about onions crying - with gum chewing offered as one solution.


Sarah said...

I'll have to try that! Thanks Deb. The only other option I'd heard of to prevent onion sadness was wearing a snorkel and I can imagine that would be a tad awkward.