Wednesday, December 11, 2013

On candy canes

Dear Parents of other children,

Look, I don't want to appear ungrateful on behalf of my kids.  They love the candy canes, really, they do.  But you do realise if we all give each other candy canes, they will amass a hoard that will drive us all insane?  Please, for the love of sanity, stop with the candy canes already!

Yours in Christmas madness,



Alison said...

Ha ha - I just bought a bag of 50 candy canes for my kids to give out - because I CANNOT be bothered to help them write cards for their classmates this year!!

Your Christmas madness is my attempt at Christmas sanity :)

Deb said...

@ Alison - do what you gotta do! As for me, I'm thinking of making some kind of garlic necklace to keep the peppermint at bay.

Karen said...

I just bought cards this morning...didn't bother with the candy canes because last year we ended up with so many that didn't get eaten. My kids are both reluctant writers so I am thinking that even buying the cards may have been a waste of time.

Petrina said...

A school near us banned candy canes this year. Lots of happy parents!

Jean said...

Dear Deb, I totally agree. But my kids won't let me get away with this one. So candy canes it is. Again. Wish our school would ban them too. Yours, Jean.