Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday desk patrol

So what' on your desk at the end of another week?  Along with our laptop, printer and supposedly-neat paper filling system, there is always strangely random stuff that ends up in this corner of the house.  Here's a tribute to 5 random items I see on my desk this morning.

1. Slow-cooker recipe book from the library
2. Four teacher end-of-year presents neatly wrapped but without cards.
3. A large-print Revised Church Hymnal held together with tape.
4. Honey's packet of flea & worm medicine
5. This year's Fathers' Day present from the school stall (a sand picture thingy)

What's your top five random desk items today?


Jean said...

So what do teachers give other teachers for Christmas?

Deb said...

@ Jean. Well, this year's is not entirely typical. I got a good deal on some very trendy typography coaster sets and bought up a packet for each teacher. Not mugs. We don't give each other mugs or chocolate. We do give kitchen utensils (bright coloured tongs and spatulas). Most importantly, we give each other long, wordy cards with specific heart-felt thanks. Because we love those much more than any of the gifts. :)