Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Things I'll miss about teaching Year 12s

1. Trying to explain world history to people who think 1990 was a long time ago.
2. Being called 'Miss'.
3. Trying to keep them on track while enjoying their wonderfully divergent stories.
4. Watching their ever-changing hairstyles.
5. The excitement of seeing them understand something for themselves that you didn't actually teach them.
6. Hearing them singing old retro songs that they find hilarious (not so retro to me).
7. Forcing my brain to grapple with Socrates, Aristotle, Nietzsche, Weil, Descartes, Armstrong, Popper, Kuhn and Hume all in the space of 10 months.
8. Discussing what courses they might do next year and which uni would be best.
9. Watching them improve.
10. Being amazed that such competent, compelling individuals would still bother to ask my opinion on anything.

And (drumroll please....)

11. The student who came into my class and said, with fabulous randomness, "Hey, Miss, do you know the show 'Charles in Charge?" and then sang the theme song with me. Crazy.

Oh, I'm going miss those guys.


Fiona said...

Which is great, because really, Charles in Charge had such a weak premise that it was fabulously random in itself. Ah, 80s sitcoms. How many hours did we waste watching utter rubbish?!

Karen said...

One of the first year Uni students I had in one of my units last year called me "Miss." Now I'm going to be supervising him on his upcoming clinical prac...so I'm hoping he'll be able to make the transition and use my real name now that we're going to be in an actual workplace :)

Meredith said...

What a great list.
My kids just did a musical at school - a story strung around the hits of the '80s. I knew every word of every song...

Deb said...

It's worrying to think how it might have adversely shaped our brain structures!!! I'm also scared that in my late 80s, the only things I'll be able to remember will be random theme songs.

Deb said...

That's funny.

Deb said...

Which songs did they choose?

Joan Milne said...

Well, guess what? I have a new job for you. Unpaid and all that - but very rewarding. I spoke to a man today (initials NB) and he craves your services! For more information...well... you know where to find me! xoxo

Meredith said...

Well there was quite a list but some included "Funky Town", "Footloose", "Ant Music", "give it up" and "Jump" - it was a hoot.

Deb said...

Funky Town! Totally forgotten that existed. Jump! will always mean Hugh Grant to me now.

Deb said...

Hmmmm, maybe I shouldn't have advertised my availability so widely! :) Loose lips sink ships and have a way of getting you on to committees!