Thursday, October 31, 2013

Almost the end of another week

It's been a strange kind of day.  Not the day I was planning to have.  But okay in the end.  Here's a grab-bag of stuff from today:

* I discovered I had been defrosting my freezer for the last day or so without knowing it.  Sigh.  The plug had been knocked out some time unknown.  Thankfully, I didn't lose too much as it is a small upright freezer and it was shopping day today anyway.  But it did mean a block of cleaning up I hadn't planned on.  My freezer is now frost-free, very clean and beautifully empty organized.

* The Jehovah's Witnesses were door knocking our area today.  On Halloween.  Maybe they were hoping for candy?

* My friend Erin works in Kyrgyzstan.  Her blog post today wrecked me. So much suffering in the world.

* Before The Freezer Incident, I was planning to write a review of The Ministry of a Messy House.  It's a job for another day now.  But I will say that after finishing it on Saturday, I went and ordered three more copies to share and give to friends.  It's that good.

* Only two kids have rung the doorbell so far.  I still have a lot of lolly bags left and the light is fading.

*  We are doing three lots of "having people over" on the weekend.  Hoping we won't be too exhausted to face the working week.

* On Wednesday I have my first Legal Studies class.  Incidentally, I have only one girl in my class.  I need to get in touch with my blokey side somehow.  And one student has a parent who is in the police force.  I'd better know my stuff.

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EJK said...

You mentioned me!? I'm honoured. Also, I taught Legal Studies. Did you know that? One of the stranger things that has happened to me.