Thursday, September 19, 2013

How did I not know about this?

I did a fair bit of Australian geography in school.  How was it that no one mentioned that Australia has an underground fire that has been burning since....who knows!  It was certainly already burning before European settlement.  Burning Mountain Nature Reserve is located on the New England Highway, about 300 km north of Sydney.  A two-metre thick coal seam is continually on fire about 20 -30 metres under the surface of the ground, releasing heat and toxic fumes from outlet at ground level.  That's amazing.  And I can't believe no one ever mentioned it.  Or maybe I just wasn't listening at the time.  You can read more information here.

So, did anyone else out there know about Burning Mountain?


Ben McLaughlin said...


Ben McLaughlin said...
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Ben McLaughlin said...

oo eerie- my word verification for that comment was '12 Firembn'


Deb said...

I've wondered about the word verification sometimes for that exact reason! Do you think it's linked? Sometimes I think it MUST be because the words seem to fit. So I'm guessing you didn't know there was a ever-burning fire near you either?