Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dog dramas

I had to buy more flea and tick stuff for Honey today.  I also needed to get her weighed so she came with me to the vet.

However, although it should have been a quick dash in and out, there was a nasty surprise about to be uncovered. In the course of randomly chatting with the vet nurse, we discovered Honey's desexing operation has not been entirely successful!  She can't have any more puppies but she can go on heat.  Agh!  It looks likely that they are going to have to operate again to try to fix the situation.  She was desexed about a month before we got her from the rescue organization.  We are going to try to contact the original vet that did the first operation but I doubt there will be any compensation for the cost of the second operation.

Poor Honey!  Two major operations in less than six months.  What a headache for all concerned.  I really don't want to play nurse to a recovering doggy but I'm probably going to have to.  I see the head vet tomorrow for a proper consultation.  In the meantime, Honey is outside in the cold (because I don't want her in the house while she's on heat) wondering what she did wrong.

**UPDATE** We saw the head vet today and for the moment we are going to leave Honey as she is.  We can change our mind at a later point if we want to - there's no hurry.  To try to fix the situation would require a bigger operation than her first one and really it would be about making things more convenient for us rather than any health benefits to Honey.  So I went out today and bought her a pair of dog undies (!!!) so she can come back inside.  She's such an easy-going dog that she hasn't even protested about having to wear clothing.  That's the current plan; we'll see how we go.

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