Saturday, July 6, 2013

Marriage bureau for rich people

The Marriage Bureau for Rich People

Jenny recommended this a little while back and I was found amused to find it staring at me from a shelf at the library the very next time I visited.  And so I brought it home and devoured it in a day.  It centres on Mr Ali and the match-making business he begins in his retirement.  He soon finds himself busy arranging marriages of all castes and religions and being called upon to find solutions for the many knots of family and romance that entangle the other characters.  It's a fun glimpse into some aspects of Indian culture (although somewhat idealized at times) and an enjoyable non-taxing read.  There is a significant nod to Pride and Prejudice in the development of the plot but it has enough of its own unique elements to avoid being hackneyed.  If you enjoyed The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency you'll probably find this to be in the same vein.  Good enough for me to borrow the rest of the series in the coming weeks.

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