Monday, June 24, 2013

You don't need us

You know Compassion works through local churches, right?  They find a church that wants to care for the vulnerable in their community and partner with them through sponsorship to do that.  But did you know they also want to see these churches go on without them?  Not because they don't like them anymore, but because they don't need them anymore.

Here's a great blog post from Compassion entitled, "How Does a Church 'Graduate' from Compassion?"  I was encouraged because it's another way in which Compassion seeks to work wisely to release people from poverty rather than making them dependent.

And if you are interested in sponsoring a child in extreme poverty who needs encouragement and a helping hand up, check out Compassion Australia if you are in Australia, Compassion International for US readers or Compassion UK for readers in the United Kingdom. For information about what child sponsorship involves click here or about Compassion's financial integrity click here.

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