Saturday, June 8, 2013

Food tidings

With the exciting birth of baby L, friends and I are swinging into meal-bringing for the family of the newborn.  Little L of course, has no interest in a hearty casserole, but the rest of the tribe still need to eat.  People bringing you food in a time of need can be SO helpful.  To coordinate our efforts this time, we are using a really handy website called Food Tidings.

What Food Tidings lets you do is create a meal schedule and invite people via email to join in.  For example, someone in your church breaks a leg (literally, not metaphorically).  Around goes an email with dates that people can pick to offer a meal.  You can provide basic information like any family allergies, dislikes (no tuna please) and a time and place for dropping off the meal.  The receiver of the meals can see the schedule so they know who is giving what when and plan accordingly.  A big bonus is that when you go to pick your date, you can already see what else is already scheduled and thereby avoid being the sixth person in a row to bring a lasagna around.  You get a reminder email 2 days before you are scheduled to bring the meal so that you don't completely forget.

It's brilliant!!!  You do have to register to use it, but it's simple, costs nothing and I've never had any annoying emails from them.  Highly, highly recommend it for any situation in which some food-loving is needed.

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