Wednesday, June 19, 2013

But is it real?

But is it Real?: Answering 10 Common Objections to the Christian Faith

Really enjoyed this book.  Amy Orr-Ewing (married to a guy named Frog...and just to answer that question, I did some extensive research for you and his real name is Francis) does a great job of explaining why the Christian faith is not illogical, intolerant, unscientific or the grown-up's equivalent of the tooth fairy.
What I really like about the book is that she doesn't use pat, glib answers.  I get uncomfortable with some promotions of Christianity that seem like the spiel you'd hear from a dodgy car salesmen.  This book avoids that and investigates some of the key philosophical arguments that underpin both secular and religious world-views.  Not wordy and dense but definitely well-argued and coherent.  And it has a very measured tone rather than being argumentative.
Here are the 10 objections she responds to:
             1. What about other people's genuine experience of God?
             2. Your 'experience of God' is delusional, not real
             3. Your relationship with God is just a psychological crutch
             4. How can you say you have found the truth if you haven't tried all the alternatives?
             5. If Christianity is about a relationship with God why does he let bad things happen
                 to his friends?
             6. If Christianity is about a transforming relationship with God, why are Christians so
             7. If God is so loving and relational, why did he go ahead and create when he knew
                 people would end up in hell?
             8. Belief in God is dangerous.
             9. I used to believe, but I've given it all up
           10. How can I know?
Good questions, huh?
I would recommend it if you're interested in whether there's any substance to what Christians are going on about.  And I would also recommend it to Christians as a great book to have ready to give away but also as a model of how to gracefully answer those questions when they come up in conversation.
Available from the bookdepository but, of course if you know me in real life, you're welcome to my copy anytime.


Sarah said...

I read her book 'Why Trust the Bible?' last year and found it helpful. I'll have to get around to reviewing it on my blog.

Deb said...

Looking forward to your review :) I think I'd like to read more of her work.