Friday, June 28, 2013

A wrap up

Lots of unconnected thoughts from the last two weeks.  It's been busy.  Here are the 'lights:

1. Our dishwasher was broken for a week.  I've always told myself that we didn't use it that much.  Turns out I was totally fooling myself.  And being out of the habit of doing it the old-fashioned way, it took us a while to figure out why every time we went into the kitchen it looked like a mess.  Apparently, it will keep looking like that unless you actually do the dishes.

This is totally not my dishwasher, by the way.  Who in their right mind would stack like that?  Oh, the randomness!

2. The Compassion bloggers have been in Nicaragua and their posts have been tearing me up and making me cheer all in one go.  I enjoyed reading Shaun Groves as he challenged the view that those in poverty are helpless and need us to save them.  And he speaks from the heart when he says adoption is great but there's better.
3. I'm more than half-way through my first year of Year 12 teaching.  Hoorah.  The Year 12 year goes so fast.  Much more than half the ground has been covered and it won't seem long before revision begins.
4. My kids need the school holidays.  They are all tired and have colds.  I need the school holidays too.  I just have no idea what we are going to do all day.
5. Can someone please invent a shower version of the creepy-crawler machine you use in backyard pools?  That would be neat.  You could just set that sucker going and it would creep all over your tiles and eat up all the gunk.  Still not really overcoming my shower-cleaning issues.
6. I have found a recipe for a jumbo match of muffin mixture that can sit in the fridge for up to 6 weeks ready for you to take and use as needed.  SIX weeks, people!  I'll share it soon, I promise (she mumbles with a mouth full of date muffin).
7. I found the political drama on Wednesday night fascinating.  My children and I gathered around the TV eagerly at 7 pm to drink in all of the commentary and saga.  My daughter waved off my husband at 7.30 saying she couldn't possibly go to bed until the result had been announced.  I may have backed her up on that one.  I'm the sort of person who watches election night coverage as well.  I know.  You may have just unfriended me.
8. I bought a game called Gobblet.  It's like noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe) except that you must produce four in a row and your markers are sets of nesting cups which allows you to "gobble" up your opponents markers from time to time and grab their spot.  Easy enough to explain to a four-year old but with the opportunity for strategy that makes it engaging for adults.  It may or may not have happened that the four-year old beat the 70 year-old in a game today.

8. Once you start itemizing your life in a list, it's really hard to stop.
9. I really need to stop now.
10.  As soon as I get to 10.  Done.

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Sarah said...

I'm all for the shower creepy crawly. The mould just builds up in our shower far too quickly. Yes, someone invent one, please.