Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Ran my first excursion in about 10 years today.  All day with Year 11 and 12 students to an ethics conference.  The big worry was the traffic and whether we'd get there on time and back home again in time for the bus travellers to catch the school bus at the end of the day.  The time allowed was generous but it only takes one accident on the freeway to turn generous into skimpy.

But it was good.  Timing was excellent.  No accidents or traffic jams.  Didn't lose any students.  Had a great day.

Soooooo thankful.  I can stop worrying now.  None of the things I had listed on my excellent and extensive risk assessment form came to be.  Although, it was disappointing that there were no unrestrained exotic animals on the loose.  But at least I had assessed that risk and planned for it!

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Anonymous said...

Those risk assessment forms can get ridiculous... Glad it was such a great day! J