Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life with Honey

So Honey has been with us now for four days.  We're all still getting to know each other but these are the things we've worked out so far:

What Honey does not do:

1. Jump up on children.
2. Eat beans, cooked pasta, or banana.
3. Bark.
4. Dig (so far, so good, but I'm not going to hold my breath on this one).
5. Scratch on doors.
6. Beg for scraps from the table.

What Honey does do:

1. Lick your hand when she's very nervous.
2. Sleep at your feet.  A lot.
3. Run.  Not jog.  Run.
4. Fetch.
5. Sit.
6. Drop.
7. Wait politely for her food bowl to be put down before she gobbles it.
8. Go on her mat when asked.
9. Keep up anti-cat patrols in the backyard with serious vigilance.

Things Honey likes:

1. Chasing cats.  That's a big like.
2. Pats.
3. Kind words.
4. Getting up on the bed.  No, Honey.
5. Running with her master.
6. People being home.
7. Car rides.
8. Cuddles.
9. Beanbags.

Things Honey does not like:

1. People speaking with angry voices.
2. Showers.  Suddenly finds somewhere else she urgently needs to be.

Things Honey is not sure about yet:

1. People singing hymns loudly while they do the dishes.  She finds this very odd.  Could be my singing.
2. Whether we will come back when we go out.  That's a worry.
3. Visitors.
4. Her kennel.  Inside is so much better.

She is so very lovable though.


Anonymous said...

She sounds lovely!!! J

Karen said...

She is beautiful :)

We wanted our dogs to sleep outside in a kennel too. They didn't like that idea (I think they'd been inside sleepers in their previous home). We've compromised by putting their bed in the laundry and closing the laundry door on them at night. The first night we didn't shut the door and they took full advantage of the carpeted bedrooms. Recently, they've also decided they like getting up on the couch. We're doing some water spraying to get them out of that habit...

Tasmanian said...

Fantastic photo!

Jessica said...

Sounds like a keeper.

CardsAsGifts said...

Sounds like the previous owners did a great job raising Honey.... saved you a lot of work I suspect!

EJK said...

Your lovely daughter looks EXACTLY like you. This is a revelation, given thatt it's been a while since I saw her. Also, that is one cute dog.

Deb said...

It's like having a mini-me! The daughter that is, not the dog!!!

Deb said...

Yeah! She's been beaten at some point (lots of dropping to the ground if you pick up a stick) but she is very obedient. Maybe she's had more than one owner - a kind one who did a lot of training and a nasty one who did a lot of beating.

Deb said...

She started sleeping outside after about a week. We think she's using her kennel now. I hope so - because it's pretty cold out there!