Monday, May 27, 2013

16 ways I judge you

It had to be a cat for this picture.  Very judgmental animals

1. When I hear something about you second-hand and assume I am getting the whole picture

2. When I think I know all the facts about your life

3. When I assume that if I did know all of the facts then that would qualify me to judge you

4. When I assume that what you are doing right now is what you have consciously decided would be the best thing to do

5. When I assume that your choice implies that you think everyone should do the same as you

6. When I fail to recognize that it might have taken much, much more effort for you to do X than it would take me

7. When I don’t stop to reflect on how our circumstances are different

8. When I choose to defend my own choices by finding faults in yours

9. When I assume there is a “right” way for everything to be done and allow for no variations

10. When I don’t allow for your good intentions or small steps of progress towards a better place

11. When I see something different that I don’t understand and assume I won’t like it

12. When I rejoice in seeing you fail in small ways today, forgetting that I have done the same on other days

13. When I assume because you are struggling in one area, you have nothing valuable to give in any other area

14. When I hear of a hard circumstance in your life and immediately begin to question what you might have done to contribute towards it

15. When I resent something good happening to you because you haven’t “earned” it

16. When I keep score

A pretty ugly list. I do think there is one who is qualified to judge. And I know I fall short. Grace grows from a recognition of my total need and God’s overwhelming kindness. I write this list as a reminder to myself that my pride often lies to me.

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