Saturday, April 6, 2013

A hair update - how superficial!

I have thought about, groomed and looked at my hair more in the last week than a bunch of girls on Year 9 camp.  Mainly because I am worried someone is going to come up and yell in horror, "Your HAIR!!!  What have you done?!"  But I'm getting over the paranoia.  No one seems to have noticed that I'm conducting a weird hippy experiment on my locks.

So here's a couple of photos from this morning:

You can see it all looks pretty normal.  This is after a bi-carb wash and vinegar rinse this morning.  Last "wash" was three days ago and the previous "wash" three days before that and the very last real shampoo wash four days before that.  I have to admit I was feeling oily by the end of yesterday.  I think that's because previously I have been washing my hair every second day as a rule so my scalp is still getting used to a three-day gap.  I'm going to keep going with the three-day gap for the rest of the holidays but I might have to go back to "washing" every second day when I go back to work if it's still not settled.
At the moment I have no desire to shampoo. My hair feels just as clean as if I'd shampooed it.  Still haven't worked out if it's going to fix my sore scalp issues.  Haven't noticed any great improvement yet.  And of course I don't know what the long term effects might be - will my hair get brittle and nasty without any conditioner?  But in the short term, it's looking fine and holding it's style very well.  However, at the end of next week, I'll probably need to get it cut at the hair-dressers.  It's one of those cheap ones were they ask you if you've washed your hair in the past 24 hours rather than washing it for you.  Hmm, will my hair pass the hairdresser test?


Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to do this but been too chicken... Maybe if you make it to a couple of months I might get brave! J

Tasmanian said...

It looks very healthy - shiny and bouncy :)

Karen said...

Yeah, I was coming in to say what Tasmanian said and found she'd beaten me to it. I think it looks pretty shiny too. Unless that's the camera flash doing something to make it look that way??

Deb said...

Yeah, the camera flash is adding some extra shine, I think. But there was no Photoshopping I promise!