Sunday, February 17, 2013

When Mummy dressed up as Satan

Me (trying to make light dinnertime conversation that doesn't involve whinging or grossness): So, why don't you tell Daddy what we did in Sunday School today?

4.5 year old (trying hard to remember and then giving the answer with much enthusiasm):  Well....Mummy dressed up as Satan!

It's been a strange kind of day.

Just for the record (so that you don't think I'm a complete lunatic), we did Adam, Eve and the Snake today and I was "dressed up" as each character and interviewed as to what happened on that fateful day in the garden of Eden.  My snake costume consisted only in a green eye-mask.  Just hoping the new minister's kid is giving a slightly more coherent version of this morning's events to her parents.


Tasmanian said...

We have a kids talk where they do a vox pop section with the kids.
"So, when Jesus went back to heaven, He left something here. Do you know what?"
Some little girl on the mic: "The Holy Spirit!"
I looked around at the pastor, assuming it was his six year old, expecting to see him beaming with pride in her understanding.
We got home. My six year old said, "Did you hear me talk about the Holy Spirit into the mic?"
Me: "Wow. Yes I did." (But didn't know it was you.) "How did you know that God sent His Holy Spirit to us after Jesus went to heaven?"
Daughter: "Well, Mum, you know the Bible?"
It was a nice moment.

Deb said...