Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nose to the grindstone

I've had two days back at work this week.  A lot is new to me even though I've taught at this school before. I've never taught Year 12 before and I'm working with a whole stack of new people and living in a new office and grappling with a new course.  Yikes!

That said, it's been a really pleasant couple of days.  That might possibly be because there are no students yet and so I haven't actually had to teach or mark anything so far.  Come Monday and it'll all be on for young and old.

My first lesson with my new class is a triple (3 periods) - two and a quarter hours of Philosophy with yours truly.  A baptism of fire for us all.  If I haven't resigned by Monday afternoon, then I guess the year will pan out okay.

Meanwhile, this is what stands out from the last couple of days:

* I like my job.
* I like the people I work with a great deal.
* I'm really proud of the way our school operates.
* Moving the home economics room into temporary accommodation makes everything crazy.
* The first staff day back each year takes off 2 more years of life from the poor IT guys.
* Schools love forms.  We have a form for everything.  Everything.

And the other thing that stands out from today is the Year 11 & 12 meeting where they reported on last year's results and tertiary entrance scores.  We did great and all that.  But the big cheer came when the Year 12 coordinator said, "Every student was offered a tertiary place of some kind, even ____."  I found it really touching that the staff were most excited about how all the students went, not just the high achievers, and particularly cared about the achievement of a student that had struggled.  It wasn't till sometime later they also mentioned who got into medicine.  These are good folk who really love their students.  I'm proud to teach alongside them.

Enough with the soppiness now.  Back to Nietzsche.


Tasmanian said...

Yay for great schools

Karen said...

Tomorrow is my first day too. New school, I've met only the principal and the learning support teacher. I don't have to deal with the OT students yet, but the school kids are all back.

I'm a bit nervous.

Glad you're getting your head around Philosophy!?

Deb said...

Hey, Karen. Prayed for you this morning. Hope the day goes well.