Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ABC Splash

The ABC has launched a new educational website that is a worth a visit if you have kids kicking around your place at the moment.  Called Splash, it's focused on educational clips and games.  While ABC2 and ABC3 have content that is geared towards the programs they are showing, Splash is a mish-mash of clips mainly drawn from it's ABC for Schools programmes like BTN and For the Juniors.  Some areas of the site are light on content right now as it's only in its beginning stages but I think we can expect a host of things to be loaded over the rest of this year.  But there's quite a lot of interesting stuff to play around with already for junior primary kids.  My preschooler was able to enjoy himself on a couple of games because there's an audio option for non-readers.  I can see it be a useful resource for school assignments in the future too.  So click on over.

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