Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum

Got home from holidays to find the JSB Curriculum for next year's Sunday School lessons has arrived.  Opened it tonight.  First impressions: really good.  Here's the highlights so far.

In introducing the material they point out that, amongst other things, they have assumed the following:
  • you have no permanent classroom (so none of the activities require permanent fixtures);
  • there is no place to leave or store materials (so we have kept materials and technologyto a minimum); 
  • your teachers are volunteers (so we have given as much guidance as possible on how to teach the lessons, kept preparation time to a minimum, but included a section of notes on the Bible text specifically for teachers); 
  • your teachers are scheduled on a rotation basis so that the children may not have the same teacher every lesson (so the lessons are self-contained);  
  • you have access to songs that tie into various Bible stories or themes and can teach them (we have suggested one or two points where a song will be useful, but the more songs you can include the better)
This is all good news for me. The curriculum itself comes in PDF form on a DVD so you print off the lessons and can make multiple copies for all your teaching staff.  We'll print and ring-bind.  You can print the hand-outs yourself or buy them as a set - one for Old Testament and one for New Testament.  Each set has about 22 handouts and cost about $5.75 per student, which for full colour printing is a much better option for me than going to the hassle of arranging printing and copying myself.  Cost then is about $87 for the curriculum plus about $12 per student for the full year.  Which is pretty good value.

And, a final highlight for today, is that they have included a master list of all the additional resources needed according to each lesson.  So I can go out at the start of each term and buy/find/borrow the craft materials and objects lessons that I need without having to go through each lesson individually to make my own list.  I really appreciate that and I've not seen it in any other material I've used.

A small gripe so far is that the included advertising (poster, postcard, bulletin insert) is useless.  Just looks like an ad for Zondervan.  But that's a small thing.

So looking good so far.  I'll check back in with details when I've actually taught some of the lessons and seen it in action.


Tasmanian said...

Sounds like it suits you perfectly.

Petrina said...

Sounds good. Looking forward to more updates.

Tasmanian said...

I don't think you've posted on this before but do you have any recommendations for Bible studies that young kids can do by themselves?

Deb said...

Once they can read confidentally this series is pretty good