Monday, November 26, 2012

Finger sucking update

So a while ago, I posted about our trial of a finger/thumb sucking device.  Here's an update on how we are going.

After about two and a half weeks of wearing the socks and not sucking, we were ready to trial not wearing the sock-gloves.  She did really well for about three weeks and then we started to go in to tuck her and find she'd fallen asleep with their fingers in her mouth again.

Around this same time, we had a dentist appointment. I'd put the visit off for quite a while because I didn't want him to be cross that we'd not done anything about her sucking. I was dreading what he might say about the big gap in her bite.  But I needn't have worried so much.  He said that they used to get very worked up about stopping thumb and finger sucking but that these days they tend to less concerned about the issue.  As long as the finger/thumb sucking stops before the all the adult teeth movement has finished, things should be okay.  He said it was rare for sucking to go beyond 12 years old (when it would really be an issue) and that anytime between now and then things should naturally resolve.  He didn't feel the current gap in her bite was a big deal and in his experience thumb/finger sucking devices don't achieve much in the way of long-term results.  When the kid is ready, it will drop away.  This was all good, good news!

But in the last week, our finger sucker asked repeatedly for the gloves to be put back on because she doesn't want to suck but can't help herself.  So the last few nights, we've put the special socks back on, attaching them with ribbon because we've run out of the medical bracelets.  She's happy.  She's not sucking.  All good.

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Karen said...

I'm happy to hear the dentist's news too since we still have two finger suckers here who will eventually need to outgrow the habit. I was taking comfort from the fact that the two big guys both stopped doing it around preschool/early school age. It's good to know it might not be as much of an issue as they thought it was.

Very funny that she wants all of the prevention back again though :)