Wednesday, November 7, 2012

End to the Bananas?

Ben announced today that he's working on his last Bananas storyboard.  Ever.  We've enjoyed the new Bananas in Pyjamas.  Yes, it was an adjustment to switch to animation, but once we got over that, we had a ball.  We'll miss you, Cuddlestown.  Sniff, sniff.

I don't have any inside information on how the series will come to an end.  But I've watched a few series ends in my time - Country Practice, Friends, Frasier, Seinfeld, Simpsons - oh, no, wait...that's still going...will that never end already?!

Most recently, of course, I sobbed my way through the end of West Wing.

Pause.  Little moment. I'm okay now.

You know what has to happen in a series end:  You need to resolve all the 'stuff" particularly the romantic tension.  Josh has to finally realise that he loves Donna and always has.  Oh, wait, we're back on West Wing again.  But wasn't that a terrific love story?  And CJ and Danny - the way he loved her despite all the times she'd tried to push him away.   *Sigh*    Anyway, back to the Bananas.

So here's what I'm thinking: maybe they are looking for some help in writing the all-important series-ending episode.  It's got to be classy.  I mean, this is no The Bold And The Beautiful.  This is our own dear Bananas we are talking about.  No characters from Season 1 coming back from the dead and then marrying their father-in-law's long lost brother.  And no one should be suddenly pulling off their own face and reveal their true identity. None of that nonsense.  Nope, it's got to be Emmy-awarding winning stuff.

I've mulled it over and this is how I think it will pan out.  Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments.  I'm sure the writers will appreciate it.

Episode 153:  The Wedding Episode

The episode begins with B2 receiving an unexpected job offer in Paris.  Although B2 is initially excited that his career is finally taking off, he brought down to earth with a thud when B1 refuses to go with him.  The two bananas have a fight and B2 storms off vowing never to speak to B1 again.

Meanwhile, Morgan is finally realising that Amy is more than just a good friend to him.  He tries to talk with her about it but she misunderstands him and instead reveals that she has a crush on Charlie.  Morgan decides not to say anymore and leaves without telling Amy how he really feels.

Concerns about Bernard's health come to a head when he collapses while driving Lulu to a dance lesson.  Lulu is seriously injured and both characters are rushed to the hospital.  Amy is shopping in Rat's store when Rat gets a call from the hospital to say that one of the teddies has been seriously injured in a car crash and is asking for Amy.  Amy, not knowing if the victim is Morgan or Lulu, rushes to the hospital.  On the way, she realises her true feelings are not for Charlie but for Morgan.  Will she make it in time to tell him how she really feels?

Morgan also hears about the crash and rushes to the hospital.  Both teddies, desperate to see if the other will survive, find each other outside the door to Lulu's room.  Suddenly realizing they both feel the same way, Morgan proposes and Amy accepts.  Lulu is overjoyed to see both her friends and, upon hearing the wonderful news of their engagement, makes an immediate miraculous recovery so that she can start planning the wedding.

Both B1 and B2 are invited to the wedding but concern is mounting about the seating arrangement given that the two bananas are no longer on speaking terms.  Pedro tries to intervene and sort it out but both bananas are adamant that the other banana has no idea how they are thinking.  B2's plane leaves for Paris the day after the wedding.  Will there be a chance for them to make up before B2 leaves forever?

The day of the wedding is fraught with hilarious mix-ups.  Morgan gets lost and then stuck in a tree.  Charlie invents a bear-retrieval machine that can save Morgan but it needs two people to operate it.  No one is brave enough to man the experimental machine until.....  the bananas both realize that they've been thinking the same thing.  It's Groom-bear rescuing time!

Working together to rescue Morgan reminds the Bananas of all the good times they've had together solving problems.  B2 asks B1 to forgive him for applying for the job without talking it over with him first.  B1 admits that he was jealous of B2's success and that this had clouded his judgment.  He encourages B2 to take the job and pursue his dreams.  The Bananas are friends again...just in time for everyone to go to the wedding!

Morgan and Amy's wedding is beautiful and all of Cuddlestown is there to see it.  Afterwards, at the reception, B1 and B2 give a hilarious speech recounting all of the great moments of Cuddlestown history.  At the end, B1 announces that he's decided he's going to Paris too!  B2 can't do without him.

The next day, all of Cuddlestown turns out to wave the Bananas goodbye.  Although they are leaving for good, they know Cuddlestown is more than just a location - it's a destination in your heart.  Awwwwwh.  As the plane takes off, the camera pans back to the crowd waving goodbye.  What's that?  At the back?  Could that be Charlie with his arm around Lulu?!  Well, who knew!


Petrina said...

Brilliant, they should give you a job!

And now I may have to go back and watch the last few west wing episodes to relive the magic. Or I could just replay the key scenes in my head... :s

Karen said...

That sounds like an ending worth watching :)

Susie said...

I have been thinking about WW a lot in recent weeks, with the US presidential election. Bartlett for president! Love your script too.....

Deb said...

Oh, WW, how we miss you! One of the office staff at my kids' school is a dead-ringer for Donna. She must wonder why I grin at her whenever I see her.

Deb said...

I'm sure it'll be pretty close to that. No doubt honey cakes and yellow jelly will feature too.

Deb said...

Yes, I felt like I was watching the Stantos for President race all over again, especially with the close finish and the upsets during the campaign. Even their debate reminded me of the WW debate.

Ben McLaughlin said...

Ha!! that's fantastic, sorry I didn't see this post till now. Gold! I'll send your synopsis to the producer right away.